The microtubular system plays a vital role for the distribution, translocation and determination of the shape of cell organelles. Peroxisomes are ubiquitous membrane-bounded organelles with essential functions in lipid metabolism and detoxification of reactive oxygen species. Their association to microtubules has been shown and the motor-dependent transport of peroxisomes along microtubules demonstrated [1-4]. The molecular mechanisms of these binding and motility events, however, are far from being understood. Hence we have developed a semi-quantitative In vitro peroxisome-microtubule binding assay for investigating the physicochemi-cal characteristics of this binding process and to screen for the proteins involved [5].

The peroxisome-microtubule binding assay presented here could also be adapted to investigate the interaction of other membrane-bounded organelles with microtubules and to identify the proteins mediating it.

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