The major light-harvesting chlorophyll (Chl) a/b protein complex of photosystem II (LHCIIb) is the most abundant membrane protein which comprises more than 50% of the total Chl in plants [1]. It is also a very important protein in the biosphere, because LHCIIb has a key function in the conversion of solar energy to biochemical energy in plants. The main function of LHCIIb is to absorb the solar energy and to transfer excited electronic energy to the reaction centre of photosystem (PS) II under moderate illumination, and to adjust energy transfer between PS II and PS I under strong illumination [2]. LHCIIb can be assembled in vitro from its recombinant apoprotein and purified pigments in detergent solution [3,4].

This protocol presents methods for reconstituting either native (Procedure A) or recombinant LHCIIb (Procedure B) into artificial liposomes made of thylakoid lipids.

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