Buffered glutaraldehyde: 2.5% glutaralde-hyde in extraction buffer 1

Remarks: Dissolve glutaraldehyde from the stock solution in extraction buffer 1, shortly before use. Keep in refrigerator at 4 °C. Fixative older than 6 h should be discarded.

Sodium cacodylate buffer: 0.1 M sodium cacodylate, pH 7.2

Remarks: Prepare stock 0.2 M solution of sodium cacodylate in distilled water and adjust pH with 0.2 M HCl. The solution is stable for several months when stored at 4 °C. Before use dilute 1: 1 (vol/vol) with distilled water.

Buffered osmium tetroxide: 1% osmium tetroxide in cacodylate buffer

Remarks: Mix osmium tetroxide stock solution with 0.2 M sodium cacodylate stock solution and dilute with distilled water to bring the concentration of sodium cacodylate to 0.1 M. The solution is stable for several months at 4 °C.

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