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The desire for confirmation of the diagnosis by biopsy should never be allowed to delay the start of treatment. The pathognomonic signs in a biopsy specimen are often preserved for 2 or more weeks after the institution of high-dose corticosteroid administration. In untreated cases, involvement of the contralateral eye will occur in about one half of all cases, and the damage to the second eye is just as severe as in the first. One in seven patients will suffer loss in the second eye within 24 h of the initial loss, and it is not uncommon to encounter cases that have suffered bilateral loss of all light perception within a few days. The fresh diagnosis of this disorder constitutes a genuine ophthalmic emergency and requires the start of therapy immediately. Some practitioners keep a supply of prednisone tablets in their offices, so that the start of treatment will not have to wait until a prescription is filled.

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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