Aggressive Periodontitis

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Localised Aggressive Periodontitis

Color Fig. 28 1 Localized aggressive periodontitis. A-C, Clinical views of a case of localized aggressive periodontitis in a 19-year-old lemale. Note the migration of the maxillary anterior teeth, lack of calculus, and scant clinical inflammation D, Radiographs of the same case, showing typical mo lar-inosor lesions. E, Lingual view of the left mandibular molar ┬┐rea in a patient with localized aggressive periodontitis. Note the apparently normal gingival tissue and the presence of a deep pocket, as denoted by the probe F, The same area after the elevation of a mucoperiosteal flap. Note the advanced bone loss localized to the first molar. (D, Courtesy Dr. Philip Melnick, Los Angeles, Calif . F, courtesy Dr. Terry Fion, Palo Alto, Calif.)

Hairy Leukoplakia

v olor in, 29-1 AIDS and the periodontium. A, Hairy leukoplakia on the lateral margin of the tongue, causing a corrugated appearance. B, Painless ANUG-like lesion ol several months' duration. The patient had a second ANUG-like lesion that was painful. C-E, ANUG-like lesion and candidiasis of the palate and tongue in a 29-year-old woman. F, Kaposi's sarcoma involving the anterior hard palate and right and left palatal mucosa. Candidiasis is also noted on the hard palate. G, Same patient as in F, with Kaposi's sarcoma of the labial gingiva presenting as a small purple nodule next to a parulis. H, Kaposi's sarcoma involving the anterior facial gingiva and producing a gingival enlargement. (Courtesy Dr. Frank l ucatorto.)

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