Critical Zones In Pocket Surgery

c riteria lor the selection of one of the different surgical techniques for pocket therapy are based on clinical findings in the soli tissue pocket wall, tooth surface, underlying bone, and attached gingiva.

Zone 1: The Soft Tissue Wall fhe morphologic features, thickness, and topography ol the soft tissue pocket wall and persistence of inflammatory changes in it should be determined.

Zone 2: The Tooth Surface fhe presence of deposits and alterations on the cemen-turn surface and the accessibility of the root surface to instrumentation should be identified. Phase I therapy should have solved many, il not all. of the problems on the tooth surface. I valuation of the results of Phase I therapy should determine the need for further therapy and the method to be used.

Zone 3: The Bone

I he shape and height of the alveolar bone next to the pocket wall should be established by careful probing and clinicoradiographic examination, honv craters, horizontal or angular bone losses, and other bone deformities are important criteria lor the selection of the treatment technique.

Zone 4: The Attached Gingiva

I he presence or absence of an adequate band of attached gingiva is a factor to be considered when selecting the pocket treatment method. Diagnostic techniques for mucogingival problems are described in ( hapter 6ft. An inadequate attached gingiva may he due to a high frenum attachment, marked gingival recession, or a deep pocket that reaches the level of the mucogingival junction. All of these possible conditions should be explored and their influence on pocket therapy determined.

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