Maintenance Program

Periodic recall visits form the foundation of a meaningful long-term prevention program. The interval between visits is initially set at \ months but may be varied according to the patient's needs.

Periodontal care at each recall visit comprises three parts (Box 76-1). I he tirst part is concerned with examination and evaluation ol the patient's current oral health. I he second part includes the necessary maintenance treatment and oral hygiene reinforcement. I lie third part involves scheduling the patient for the next recall appointment, additional periodontal treatment, or restorative dental procedures. I he time required lor a recall visit for patients with multiple teeth in both arches is approximately I hour,4" which includes time tor greeting the patient, setting up. and cleaning up.

Examination and Evaluation

Ihe recall examination is similar to the initial evaluation of the patient discussed in < Chapter 30. However, because the patient is not new to the office, the dentist primarily looks for c hanges that have occurred since the last evaluation. Analysis of the current oral hygiene status ol the patient is essential Updating ol changes in the medical history and evaluation of restorations, caries, prostheses, occlusion, tooth mobility, gingival status, and periodontal pockets are important parts ol the recall appointment. I he oral mucosa should be carefully inspected tor pathologic conditions (Figs. 76-4 to 76-9).

Radiographic examination must be individualized*0 depending on the initial severity ol the case and the findings at the recall visit ( Table 76-1). these are compared with findings on previous radiographs to check the bone height and look lor repair ol osseous defects, signs ol trauma from occlusion, periapical pathologic changes, and caries.

Supportive Vcriothmtot I rent incut • CHAPTER 76 969

Undisplaced Periodontal Flap
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