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HEMORRHAGIC DISORDERS Coagulation Disorders Thrombocytopenic Purpuras Nonthrombocytopenic Purpuras BLOOD DYSCRASIAS Leukemia Agranulocytosis INFECTIOUS DISEASES Hepatitis HIV and AIDS Tuberculosis

M any patients seeking dental care have significant medical conditions that may alter both the course ol their oral disease and the therapy provided. Ihe older age of the average periodontal patient increases the likelihood of underlying disease. Therefore the therapeutic responsibility ol the clinician includes identification ol the patient's medical problems to formulate proper treatment plans. Thorough medical histories are paramount/2 II significant findings are unveiled, consultation with or referral of the patient to an appropriate physician may be indicated. This ensures correct patient management and provides medicolegal coverage to the clinician.

This chapter covers common medical conditions and associated periodontal management. Review ol each topic area is general, and the reader is encouraged to consult other references for more detailed coverage ot specific disorders. Understanding these conditions will enable the clinician to treat the total patient, not merely the periodontal reflection of underlying disease.

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