Relation Of Attachment Loss And Bone Loss To Pocket Depth

Pocket lormation causes loss o! attachment of the gingiva and denudation of the root surface. I he severity ol the attachment loss is generally, but not always, correlated with the depth of the pocket. This is because the degree of attachment loss depends on the location ol the base of the pocket on the root surface, whereas the pocket depth is the distance between the base of the pocket and the crest of the gingival margin. Pockets of the same depth may be associated with different degrees of attachment loss (I ig. 22-1 Si. and pockets of different depths may be associated with the same amount of attachment loss d ig. 22-11)).

Severity of bone loss is generally, but not always, correlated with pocket depth. F.xtensive attachment and bone loss may be associated with shallow pockets if the

Periodontal Pocket Attachment Loss
Fig. 22-18 Same pocket depth with different amounts of recession A, Gingival pocket with no recessior B, Periodontal pocket of similar depth as in A, but with some degree of recession C, Pocket depth same as in A and B, but with still more recession

attachment loss is accompanied by recession of the gingival margin, and slight bone loss can occur with deep pockets.

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    Is gingival attachment loss and gingival attachment the same thing?
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