Retrieval Of Scientific Data


Access to scientific journal articles is also an important part of online services in the field of periodontics. Some individual journals offer Internet access to complete articles to subscribers. In some cases, this is included in the regular subscription. In other cases, an additional payment is required and a separate online subscription is yet another method of utilization. Some examples are the fournal of Periodontology accessed through the American Academy of Periodontology site .it hitp:// or dircctly .it The )our-uol <>f ( finical Periodontology can be accessed via Ihe European Federation ol Periodontology or directly at littp://

wwvv.efp. . Information on the lonmal of Peri odontal Research is reached at I he International lonrnal of (hat uml Maxillofacial Implants has a site at

I he U.S. National l ibrary of Medic ine has a free service to medical and dental literature via Medline. This gives users the ability to search l>\ author, topic, and journal and to download abstracts of selected articles (www.ncbi. Essentially till ol the important periodontal, dental, and medical journals are viewable at the National l ibrary of Medicine site More than II million citations are stored in their servers' database, which also gives online access to participating online journals. Another web site al the National Library of Medicine is called Grateful Med ( which includes Medline as well as main other databases. Some examples .ire ( hem ID, with a file of ^44,000 chemical compounds of interest to health scientists; DIKIINL, with 16,000 records of health and biomedical information on courses associated with health care organizations; (All.INI . a database of 78b,000 monographs and manuscripts going back to the I S,h century: BIOETHICS-I INI, with 53,000 entries concerned with ethics; and two sites devoted to information on AIDS. MDSLINH and AIDS TRIALS. POPEINI has data on family planning, SPA( LI.INI has data from NASA, and IOXI.INT has toxicologic data. This Grateful Med site is the most comprehensive portal to health-related scientific data.

The pace of growth of information technology ensures that networks will spread wider and wider in the coining years. \t present, I6(),()()() new connections to the Internet are made everyday, and the number ol host sites continues to show dramatic growth (Appendix I ig. I). This has important implications lor periodontics. New proven procedures will be used In more clinicians in much shorter time periods than previously. The race to solve the problems of treatment prevention and control ol human periodontal disease now has a much more optimistic time tor the finish line.

Recent Growth ol Internet Host Sites Worldwide

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