I would here like to acknowledge and sincerely thank all those people who have listened, given advice, answered endless strange questions, responded to letters and telephone calls, lent books, read chapters and papers, put up with harangues or monologues and shown kind interest generally, with patience and curiosity, over the years. They know who they are. They certainly include all my supportive friends, and my family. In particular, I would like to thank my supervisors Brian Abel-Smith (in memoriam) and Charlotte Erikson, both at the London School of Economics, where the project began;and above all, to Roy Porter (in memoriam) at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, who gave such support and encouragement throughout my Ph.D. and well beyond, and was so close to actually seeing it all in print. Especially grateful thanks go to Peter Burke, Roger Cooter, Logie Barrow, Margaret Pelling, Peregrine Horden, Andrew Darnell, Susan James, Hannah Charlton, Jane Hutchings, Will Sulkin and Jorg Hensgen for commenting on manuscript drafts; and to Barry Lewis for the photograph. Very great thanks go to Virginia Berridge and all at the Centre for History in Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, for their support and comradeship; also to the Wellcome Trust for giving me early financial assistance to browse and work my way through their library's extensive popular health collection, and later towards costs for completing the project. Finally, I cannot thank Luciana O'Flaherty and Matthew Cotton at Oxford University Press enough, for helping to turn it all into a book. The award for sheer patience, however, goes to my dear husband, John Cumming, who has very rarely complained; and to our darling daughter Kate, who has had to suffer two obsessed parents under one roof.

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