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The most common forms of both hyper- and hypothyroidism are autoimmune: Graves disease causing hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto thyroiditis causing hypothyroidism. Hyperfunctioning ("hot") thyroid nodules are rarely malignant. Hypofunctioning ("cold") nodules >1 cm in diameter should be biopsied.

Thyroid disease is more common in women than men.


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A 25-year-old gravida,, para, woman at 39 weeks estimated gestational age presents to the labor and delivery triage unit stating that her "bag of water has broken." She reports having had a large gush of clear fluid followed by a constant leakage of fluid from her vagina. She subsequently started having uterine contractions approximately every 4 minutes. She has had an uncomplicated prenatal course with good prenatal care since 8 weeks' gestation. Her prenatal records are available for review in the triage unit. Her first pregnancy resulted in the full-term delivery of a 7 lb 8 oz. healthy boy.

In the triage unit, she is placed on an external fetal monitor. Her blood pressure is 110/70 mm Hg. her pulse is 90 beats/min. and her temperature is 98.7°F. Her general examination is normal. Her abdomen is gravid, with a fundal height of 38 cm. The fetus has a cephalic presentation by Leopold maneuvers and an estimated fetal weight of 8 lb.

♦ What signs and tests could confirm the presence of rupture of membranes?

♦ On the fetal monitoring strip shown (Fig. 16-1), what is the approximate baseline fetal heart rate? How often is she having uterine contractions?

^ Her prenatal records reveal that she had a positive group B

streptococcus (GBS) vaginal culture at 36 weeks' gestation. What therapy should be instituted at this time?

Figure 16-1. Fetal heart rate monitoring.

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