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Many questions concerning symptoms related to the anorectal area and the prostate have been addressed in other chapters. For example, you will need to ask if there has been any change in the pattern of bowel function or the size or caliber of the stools. What about diarrhea or constipation? You will need to ask about the color of the stools. Turn to pp._-_and review the health history regarding these symptoms, as well as queries about blood in the stool, ranging from black stools, suggesting melena, to the red blood of hematochezia to bright red blood per rectum. Has there been any mucus present in the stool?

See Table 9-???, Black and Bloody Stools, and Table 9-???, Constipation.

Change in bowel pattern, especially stools of thin pencil-like caliber, may warn of cancer. Blood in the stool from polyps or cancer, also from gastrointestinal bleeding, local hemorrhoids, mucus in villous adenoma.

Is there any pain on defecation? Any itching? Any extreme tenderness in the anus or rectum? Is there any mucopurulent discharge or bleeding? Any ulcerations? Does the patient have anal intercourse?

Is there any history of anal warts, or anal fissures?

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