Directions For Administration

Try to get child to smile by smiling, talking or waving. Do not touch him/her.

Child must stare at hand several seconds.

Parent may help guide toothbrush and put toothpaste on brush.

Child does not have to be able to tie shoes or button/zip in the back.

Move yarn slowly in an arc from one side to the other, about 8" above child's face.

Pass if child grasps rattle when it is touched to the backs or tips of fingers.

Pass if child tries to see where yarn went. Yarn should be dropped quickly from sight from tester's hand without arm movement.

Child must transfer cube from hand to hand without help of body, mouth, or table. Pass if child picks up raisin with any part of thumb and finger. Line can vary only 30 degrees or less from tester's line. /

Make a fist with thumb pointing upward and wiggle only the thumb. Pass if child imitates and does not move any fingers other than the thumb.

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