Pubic Hair


Testes and Scrotum

Stage 1

Preadolescent—no pubic hair except for the fine body hair (vellus hair) similar to that on the abdomen

Preadolescent—same size and proportions as in childhood

Preadolescent—same size and proportions as in childhood

Stage 2

Sparse growth of long, slightly pigmented, downy hair, straight or only slightly curled, chiefly at the base of the penis

Slight or no enlargement

Testes larger; scrotum larger, somewhat reddened, and altered in texture

Stage 3

Darker, coarser, curlier hair spreading sparsely over the pubic symphysis

Larger, especially in length

Further enlarged

Stage 4

Coarse and curly hair, as in the adult; area covered greater than in stage 3 but not as great as in the adult and not yet including the thighs

Further enlarged in length and breadth, with development of the glans

Further enlarged; scrotal skin darkened

Stage 5

Hair adult in quantity and quality, spread to the medial surfaces of the thighs but not up over the abdomen

Adult in size and shape

Adult in size and shape

(Illustrations through the courtesy of W. A. Daniel, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Division of Adolescent Medicine, University of Alabama, Birmingham.)

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