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The Neuromuscular Maturity Criteria are depicted in the top half of the figure. Asphyxiated neonates or neonates obtunded by anesthetic agents or drugs will score lower on neuromuscular maturity criteria. In such instances, scoring should be repeated at 24 to 48 hours of age. The Physical Maturity Criteria are shown in the bottom half of the figure and are self-explanatory. The scores for each criterion are again the numbers at the top of the columns. The sum of the scores for all of the neuromuscular and physical maturity items provides an estimate of gestational age in weeks, using the maturity rating scale at the lower right portion of the figure. (Figure from Ballard JL, et. al. J. Pediatr 119:417, 1991.)

TABLE 17-2 ■ Denver Developmental Screening Test

Denver Developmental Screening Test
Testing kits, test forms, and reference manuals (which must be used to ensure accuracy in administration of the test) for the DDSTmay be ordered from Denver Developmental Materials Incorporated, P.O. Box 6919, Denver, CO 80206-0919. (Reprinted with permission from William K. Frankenburg, M.D.)

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