Key Components Of Health Promotion For Children And Adolescents Continued

■ Safety and prevention of injury

■ Sexual development and sexuality

■ Self-responsibility and efficacy

■ Family relationships (interactions, strengths, supports)

■ Community interactions (childcare, school)

7. Partnership between health care provider and child, adolescent, and family

Prevention or recognition of illness Prevention of risky behaviors and addictions

School and vocational achievement Peer relationships

Promotion ofdevelopment should be age-appropriate. Health promotion is developmental and most effective if encouraged over multiple visits. Promotion regarding development includes suggestions about stimulation (reading, conversing, music, optimizing opportunities for gross and fine motor development). Advise parents about upcoming developmental stages and needs of children to help them promote their child's development. Remember, parents are the major agent of health promotion in children, and your advice is implemented through them.

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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