Male Genitalia and Hernias

1. When performing a genitourinary assessment, you note that the urethral meatus is positioned ventrally. This is most likely to be:

(A) A stricture

(B) Hypospadius

(C) The result of a circumcision

(D) Related to the aging process

2. When performing a genitourinary assessment on an adolescent male you notice a swelling in the scrotum, which increases with increased intraabdominal pressure and decreases when lying down. The young man complains of pain when straining. This history best describes:

(A) An incisional hernia

(B) A direct inguinal hernia

(C) An indirect inguinal hernia

(D) A femoral hernia

3. The following finding is considered normal when assessing an aging male:

(A) A decrease in scrotal color

(B) Enlargement of the testes and scrotum

(C) A decrease in the size of the penis

(D) The presence of a hydrocele, or fluid in the scrotum

4. When instructing patients about how to perform a testicular self-exam, which of the following statements is most correct:

(A) "A good time to examine your testicles is just before you take a shower."

(B) "Perform the testicular exam at least once a week to detect the early stages of cancer."

(C) "The testicle should feel firm and has a lumpy consistency, be movable, and shaped like an egg."

(D) "If you notice any change from what you normally see or feel, call your health care provider."

5. Which of the findings is a normal finding when examining the glands?

(A) The skin is wrinkled and without lesions

(B) The dorsal vein may be visible

(C) Smegma may be present under the foreskin of an uncircumcised male

(D) There is no hair

6. Which of the following statements is true when performing a male genital examination?

(A) Auscultate for the presence of bowel sounds over the scrotum in all males

(B) Palpate for the vertical chain of lymph nodes along the groin inferior to the inguinal ligament

(C) Palpate the inguinal canal only if there is a bulge present in the inguinal region during inspection

(D) When palpating for a hernia on the right side, have the client shift his standing weight onto the left leg

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