Mutiple Choice

1. Correct instructions about the self-breast examination (BSE) are:

(A) Tell the woman that the best time to perform BSE is in the middle of the menstrual cycle

(B) Recommend that the best time to perform BSE is 4-7 days after the first day of the menstrual period

(C) Tell the woman that if she is pregnant, she should not perform BSE until the baby is born

(D) Urge the woman that she needs to do BSE bimonthly unless she has fibrocystic breast tissue

2. You have just completed a vaginal examination of a woman who is 6 weeks pregnant. You read on her chart that her cervix is softened and looks cyanotic. You know that she is exhibiting which of the following signs?

(A) Chadwick's sign and Hegar's sign

(B) Goodell's sign and Chadwick's sign

(C) Hegar's sign and Goodell's sign

(D) Tanner's sign and Hegar's sign

3. During your examination of a woman in her second trimester of pregnancy, you note the presence of a small amount of yellow drainage from the nipples. You know that this is:

(A) Most likely to be colostrum and considered a normal finding this late in her pregnancy

(B) A sign of breast cancer

(C) Too early in the pregnancy for lactation to begin; the woman needs a referral to a specialist

(D) An indication that the woman's milk is forming

4. When palpating the fundus, you know that:

(A) Fundal height is usually less than the number of weeks gestation, unless there is an abnormal condition such as too much amniotic fluid present

(B) The fundus should be hard and slightly tender to palpation during the first trimester

(C) After 20 weeks gestation, the number of centimeters should approximate the number of weeks gestation

(D) Fetal movement should be felt by the examiner at the beginning of the second trimester

5. You are palpating the abdomen of a 35-week pregnant woman and note that the fetal head is facing downward toward the pelvis. You would document this as:

(B) Fetal presentation

(C) Fetal attitude

(D) Fetal variety

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