Normal Configurations Of The Hymen In Prepubertal And Adolescent Females

Annular Hymen
15-month-old infant with annular hymenal orifice
Hymen Prepubertal

7-year-old girl with a crescent-shaped hymenal orifice

Annular Crescentic Shape Hymen

2-year-old with an annular orifice, located offcenter, visible with labial traction r W

6-year-old with a septate hymen causing two orifices. Traction is needed to visualize the two openings.

Labial Traction

9-year-old girl with redundant labial tissue. Greater traction or a knee-chest position would reveal a normal orifice.

12-year-old girl with annular-shaped orifice and hormonal influence of puberty, causing thickened, pink tissue

(Source of photos: Reece R, Ludwig S (eds): Child Abuse: Medical Diagnosis and Management, 2nd ed., Philadelphia, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2001.)

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