"Extremities are pale below the midcalf, with notable hair loss. Rubor Suggests atherosclerotic peripheral noted when legs dependent but no edema or ulceration. Bilateral femoral arterial disease bruits; no abdominal bruits heard. Brachial and radial pulses 2+; femoral, popliteal, DP and PT pulses 1+." (Alternatively, pulses can be recorded as below.)

Dorsalis Posterior Radial Brachial Femoral Popliteal Pedis Tibial

Important Areas of Examination

The Arms

The Legs

■ Size, symmetry, skin color

■ Size, symmetry, skin color

■ Radial pulse, brachial pulse

■ Femoral pulse and inguinal

■ Epitrochlear lymph nodes

lymph nodes

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