OThe Skin

The Eyes Visual Acuity ^ Visual Fields By Confrontation


Further Testing Position and Alignment of the Eyes Eyebrows Eyelids

Lacrimal Apparatus Conjunctive and Sclera Cornea and Lens Iris Pupils

Extraocular Muscles Ophthalmoscopic Examination The Ears

The Auricle Ear Canal and Drum Auditory Acuity Air and Bone Conduction The Nose and Paranasal Sinuses The Mouth and Pharynx The Lips

The Oral Mucosa The Gums and Teeth The Roof of the Mouth The Tongue and the Floor of the Mouth The Pharynx The Neck

Lymph Nodes

The Trachea and the Thyroid Gland The Carotid Arteries and Jugular Veins Special Techniques

For Assessing Prominent Eyes

For Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

For Inspection of the Upper Palpebral Conjunctiva

Swinging Flashlight Test

Transillumination of the Sinuses

Chapter 6. The Thorax and Lungs

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