Posterior View

Lungs, Fissures, and Lobes. The lungs and their fissures and lobes can be mentally pictured on the chest wall. Anteriorly, the apex of each lung rises about 2 cm to 4 cm above the inner third of the clavicle. The lower border of the lung crosses the 6th rib at the midclavicular line and the 8th rib at the mid-axillary line. (Because ribs slant, a fairly horizontal line can drop a rib or more as it passes across the chest.) Posteriorly, the lower border of the lung lies at about the level of the T10 spinous process. On inspiration, it descends farther.

Each lung is divided roughly in half by an oblique (major) fissure. This fissure may be approximated by a string that runs from the T3 spinous process obliquely down and around the chest to the 6th rib at the midclavicular line. The right lung is further divided by the horizontal (minor) fissure. Anteriorly, this fissure runs close to the 4th rib and meets the oblique fissure in the midaxillary line near the 5 th rib.

Horizontal fissure

Oblique fissure

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