Selecting The Correct Blood Pressure Cuff

■ Width of the inflatable bladder of the cuff should be about 40% of upper arm circumference (about 12-14 cm in the average adult)

■ Length of inflatable bladder should be about 80% of upper arm circumference (almost long enough to encircle the arm)

■ If anaeroid, recalibrate periodically before use

The blood pressure cuff may be either the aneroid or the mercury type. Because an aneroid instrument often becomes inaccurate with repeated use, it should be recalibrated regularly.

Measuring Correct Blood Pressure Cuff

Technique. Before assessing the blood pressure, you should take several steps to make sure your measurement -will be accurate. Once these steps are taken, you are ready to measure the blood pressure. Proper technique is important and reduces the inherent variability arising from the patient or examiner, the equipment, and the procedure itself.

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