Suggested Course Organization

The authors of this manual have successfully taught courses in Physical Examination and History Taking using a series of "workshops." This section provides recommendations for setting up your class based on their successful model.

The authors recommend a 1-hour class for all enrolled students at the beginning of each week devoted to a video of that week's regional examination, questions and answers on techniques, and a quiz on the required reading. The ideal duration of each session is 2 hours, 1 day per week. Student attendance should be MANDATORY. Split the class into "Workshop Teams" of 10 students. Each student should pick a partner of the same sex within his or her own team.

Each Workshop Team should have a Faculty Team Captain and four to five other clinicians who are responsible for teaching all 11 workshops to their group of 8 to10 students. Preceptors are clinicians who supervise students as they practice the skills for each workshop. The Team Captains are responsible for scheduling the preceptors for each workshop. Preceptors should be on time and notify their Team Captain immediately if they are late.

The following format for each workshop is recommended:

• Preceptors demonstrate key skills for that day's workshop and review questions from prior workshops.

• Students practice workshop skills under preceptor supervision; questions are encouraged!

• Students also practice skills learned in prior workshops.

• Students make oral presentations to the preceptor (this will be cumulative).

• Students turn in sample write-ups at a central location at the end of the day.

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