TABLE 174 Growth Charts Continued

Birth to monlhs; Boys

Head clrcumterefica-for-age and ^¿mf

Welghl-ior-lBnglh parcentiles record ?

Cancer Growth Chart
_cm nf LLE :.::i v, is <:■? g?. m -n i ^ "ri .'■? 7.1 71 " '

■J'jl^l |j.. Ui'/i>rrl' -k-ri-K-rv i ■ ■ j ■ r j ■ ■ -. p- l b fl ^

-■. Kj--j / ■ i: xril —L i i ra l-r i"- l"i t- . l ■ f l-l-

hh|i nxi i i ffr. fin1LL nli

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Birth to 36 monlte: Girfs Head clrcumferencc-far^C snd WiigM-for-ltnglh percentiles

Birth 3 e 1 12

Birth 3 e 1 12

Physical Growth Chart

. cm jij jh so ti- _£.j_KJÄ In -i K "I ?" "> ^

. cm jij jh so ti- _£.j_KJÄ In -i K "I ?" "> ^

j T?Z I ■■f*." c. -i j K y ■fl 1 " ^ r v ■ Ly 11 ■ p sa ■


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