TABLE 51 7 Lumps On or Near the

Chondrodermatitis Helicis

This chronic inflammatory lesion starts as a painful, tender papule that is usually on the helix but may be on the antihelix. Typically the lesion is single, but in this case two are visible. The lower papule is an early lesion; the upper lesion illustrates the later stage of ulceration and crusting. Reddening may occur. Older men are usually affected. To distinguish chondrodermatitis from carcinoma, a biopsy is needed.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma is most common in light-skinned people who have been frequently exposed to sunlight. This location on the helix and the raised, crusted border with central ulceration are both frequently seen. Biopsy confirms the diagnosis. A suture is present here. A squamous cell carcinoma spreads locally. Occasionally it metastasizes, most often to regional lymph nodes.

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