TABLE 81 Visible Signs of Breast Cancer

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Fat Necrosis Retracted



Retracted nipple



Retracted nipple

Retraction Signs


As breast cancer advances, it causes fibrosis (scar tissue). Shortening of this fibrotic tissue produces retraction signs, including dimpling, changes in contour, and retraction or deviation of the nipple. Other causes of retraction include fat necrosis and mammary duct ectasia.

Mammary Duct EctasiaBreast Cancer Skin Dimpling

Skin Dimpling

Look for this sign with the patient's arm at rest, during special positioning, and on moving or compressing the breast, as illustrated here.

Edema of the Skin

Edema of the skin is produced by lymphatic blockade. It appears as thickened skin with enlarged pores—the so-called peart d'orange (orange peel) sign. It is often seen first in the lower portion of the breast or areola.

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