CBD Pain Freeze Cream - The New Miracle

CBD Pain Freeze Cream

Do you know that the painkillers you eat are causing you grave damage? They are increasing your risk of having a heart attack. This is not something out of the blue. In fact, the FDA issues this warning itself.

And yet, you take them. It's not your fault. You are not provided a safer alternative.

Thankfully, with the advent of CBD Pain Freeze Cream by Prosper Wellness, you are going to live a life free of pain and side effects for that matter.

The CBD Pain Freeze Cream

A perfectly crafted mixture of pain relieving oils and elements, the CBD Pain Freeze Cream does what it says. It features a full spectrum

  • cannabidiol,
  • Arnica,
  • Castor Oil,
  • Peppermint Oil,
  • Aloe,
  • Green Tea Extract,
  • Willow Bark Extract,
  • and Menthol.

All of these are known for their inflammation reducing abilities and pain suppressing qualities. Just give it a search on Google and you’ll find plenty of studies confirming that these ingredients individually work wonders. If they can work that good alone, just imagine the results they would produce once they are combined in definite proportions.

That is just an introduction to the product. Let’s delve deeper.

  • Highest Bioavailability

The cream has been engineered to abruptly show results. Thanks to the minds behind its CO2 extraction process and oil processes, you get a cream that is 85% bioavailable. This goes to say that as soon as you apply it to the affected area, it absorbs 85% and starts working at the same speed.

  • Unmatched Quality

The Hemp plants they use are 100% organically farm grown. The processes that they apply are NSF certified and entirely tailored to their provisions.

  • Full Spectrum Plants

The reason why this product is getting famous is that its ingredients are hand-vetted and sieved through multiple quality control systems. As we said above, the Hemp that they use is family grown and is not imported. After all, why would a Colorado-based company import Hemp when it can grow plenty of it in the state known as the ground zero for it?

How can it relieve your pain?

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Since it does not have psychoactive properties, you can easily and without any worry use it to relieve your joint pain, muscle cramps, or any other type of aches in your body, and that too in seconds.

  • It starts working as you apply it. The contact between your skin and the cream is immediate. As it has 85% bioavailability, you will instantly feel a soothing chill in the affected area.
  • Prosper Wellness has made sure that the cream is crafted from 100% natural ingredients. You know how natural ingredients work when it comes to relieving pains of all kind. Revisit the ingredients mentioned above and you’ll find none of them artificially created.
  • There is plenty of CBD in each jar of the cream, which means you can use it every single day. Specifically, 150 mg of CBD means that no matter how much you take out of the jar, you’ll always have a certain recommended proportion of the component ready to work wonders.

On Prosper Wellness

Colorado is known as ground zero for CBD Revolution. That goes to say that the compound has already made a huge success there and as a matter of fact, it's ready to take the world by storm.

In Steamboat Springs of the state emerged a company that we know as Prosper Wellness. It was founded by Chaz Shively and his partner to discover what natural remedies can do as compared to the unnatural.

On the course of this journey, they found CBD and helped thousands of Coloradans get rid of many problems associated with pain, swelling, or the related menaces. They spent 10 years to finally bring forth a product much acclaimed and wanted not just by Coloradans, but by a lot of people in other states.

Now that they’ve expanded their business and have started selling it online, their sales have increased drastically. This is again indicative of how well the product performs and how much everyone trusts it to get rid of their daily or frequent pain.


There are no bonuses as such, but the company offers free bottles of CBD Pain Freeze Cream and also great discounts.

  • You get a 25% off on one bottle.
  • A bottle free on purchasing two bottles with individual prices less than a single bottle.
  • Three bottles free on purchasing three bottles where each bottle has a price much lower than in the above mentioned two packages.  
CBD Pain Freeze Cream
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