Calpain 10 and type 2 diabetes

In the first successful genome-wide scan of a complex disease like type 2 diabetes, Graeme Bell and co-workers reported significant linkage (LOD 4.1; p < 10-4) between type 2 diabetes in Mexican American sib pairs and a locus on chromosome 2q37, called NIDDM1 (Hanis et al. 1996). Still, this region was quite large (12 cM), encompassing a large number of putative genes. A re-examination of the data suggested an interaction (epistasis) with another locus on chromosome 15 (with a nominal LOD of 1.5). This enabled the researchers to narrow the region down to 7cM. Luckily, because it is telomeric with a high recombination rate, the 7cM genetic map only represents 1.7 megabases of physical DNA. To clone the underlying gene, they genotyped 21 SNPs in this 7 cM interval and identified a three-marker haplotype that was nominally associated with type 2 diabetes. At the end, three intronic SNPs (43,44 and 63) in the gene encoding for calpain 10 (CAPN10) could explain most of the linkage (Horikawa et al. 2000). Calpain 10, a cystein protease with largely unknown functions in glucose metabolism, was not an obvious candidate gene for type 2 diabetes. Despite a number of subsequent negative studies, several meta-analyses have shown consistent association of SNPs 43 and 44 with type 2 diabetes (Parikh & Groop 2004). Neither was it easy to understand how intronic variation in this gene could increase risk for type 2 diabetes. Carriers of the G allele of SNP43 are associated with decreased expression of the gene in skeletal muscle and insulin resistance. How this translates into increased risk of type 2 diabetes is not known and will require functional studies.

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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