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Clinical features

Uterine Position

The most important single practical relationship in this region is that of the ureter to the supravaginal cervix. At this point, the ureter lies just above the level of the lateral fornix, below the uterine vessels as these pass across within the broad ligament (Fig. 104). In performing a hysterectomy, the ureter may be accidentally divided in clamping the uterine vessels, especially when the pelvic anatomy has been distorted by a previous operation, a mass of fibroids, infection or malignant infiltration.

Approach To Wound Disruptions Definitions

40.4 A 38-year-old woman had an abdominal hysterectomy for symptomatic uterine fibroids, namely, menorrhagia that had failed to respond to medical therapy. One week later, she complains of low-grade fever and lower abdominal pain. On examination, her temperature is 100.8 F, and the Pfannenstiel (low transverse) incision is red, indurated, and tender. Which of the following is the best therapy for this condition

Epigenetic Basis Of Disease

Disorders result even as a consequence of translocation events in genes encoding HATs. This results in its mistargeting and misregulation, which leads to altered chromatin acetylation and hence improper regulation of gene expression. Interestingly, most translocations involving HATs commonly cause hematological malignancies. A classic example of one such translocation is the MOZ-CBP fusion proteins. This fusion protein is expressed due to a translocation t(8 16)(p11 p13), associated with a subtype of acute monocytic leukemia (AML M5). Another example is the Mixed Lineage Leukemia (MLL) gene fusions. In therapy related AML, myelodysplastic syndrome or chronic myelomonocytic leukemia, MLL-CBP fusion proteins are expressed in translocation t(11 16)(q23 p13). The fusion protein has A T hooks and cysteine-rich DNA recognition domain of MLL fused to intact CBP and fails to recruit SWI SNF to its target as it lacks the SET domain, which is important for interacting with hSNF5 (Taki et al.,...

Clinical Pearls Immunizations 2017

Noncontraceptive benefits of combination oral contraceptives include decreased incidence of benign breast disease, relief from menstrual disorders (dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia), reduced risk of uterine leiomyomata, protection against ovarian cysts, reduction of acne, improvement of bone mineral density, and a reduced risk of colorectal cancer.

Clinical Pearl

Normal Size Endometrial Stripe

Menorrhagia due to uterine fibroids CBC, endometrial biopsy, and Pap smear. Endometrial biopsy is performed to assess for endometrial cancer and the Pap smear for cervical dysplasia or cancer. ii. Gynecologic patients Adnexal masses evaluated by sonography are assessed for size and echogenic texture simple (fluid-filled) versus complex (fluid and solid components) versus solid. The uterus can be characterized for presence of masses, such as uterine fibroids, and the endometrial stripe can be measured. In postmenopausal women, a thickened endometrial stripe may indicate hyperplasia or malignancy. Fluid in the cul-de-sac may indicate ascites. The gynecologic ultrasound examination usually includes investigation of the kidneys, because hydronephrosis may suggest a pelvic process (ureteral obstruction). Saline infusion into the uterine cavity via a transcervical catheter can enhance the ultrasound examination of intrauterine growths such as polyps.

Clinical Approach

8.4 A 32-year-old woman undergoes myomectomy for symptomatic uterine fibroids, all of which are subserosal. The endometrial cavity was not entered during the procedure. Which of the following statements is most likely to be correct regarding the risk of placental accreta

Anterior View

Costovertebral Angle

Other structures sometimes palpable in the lower abdomen include the uterus enlarged by pregnancy or fibroids, which may also rise above the symphysis pubis, and the sacral promontory, the anterior edge of the first sacral vertebra. Until you are familiar with this normal structure, you may mistake its stony hard outlines for a tumor. Another stony hard lump that can sometimes mislead you, and may occasionally alarm a patient, is a normal xiphoid process.

GnRH Agonists

The effects of buserelin on BMC at the 10 and 33 radial sites was evaluated in 18 women who were being treated for 6 months for uterine fibroids (139). BMC measurements at the radius were performed with SPA (Norland Cameron). The women ranged in age from 28 to 49 years. Eighteen healthy women served as controls. Buserelin was administered in a dose of 0.5 mg subcutaneously three times a day for the first 10 days, followed by 200 g intranasally four times a day for 6 months. No significant changes


A 50-year old Caucasian female, new to your practice, presents for an annual physical examination. She reports that she is generally very healthy, feels well and has no specific complaints. She has a history of having had a partial hysterectomy, by which she means that her uterus and cervix were removed but her ovaries were left in place. The surgery was performed because of fibroids. She has had a pap smear every year since the age of 18. all of which have been normal. She has had annual mammograms since the age of 40. all of which have been normal. She has no other significant medical or surgical history. She takes a multivitamin pill daily but no other medications. Her family history is significant for breast cancer that was diagnosed in her maternal grandmother at the age of 72. The patient is married, monogamous, does not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. She tries to avoid dairy products because of lactose intolerance. She walks 3 miles 4-times a week for exercise. Her physical...


Von Willebrand Disease Patients who appear to have impaired primary hemostasis (i.e petechiae. easy bruising, mucosal bleeding, menorrhagia) yet have normal platelet counts should be suspected of having impaired platelet function, as in vWI). vWD is the most common inherited bleeding disorder. It may occur as often as I in 1000 individuals. It is an autosomal dominant disorder but often is not recognized because of relatively mild bleeding symptoms or because of excessive bleeding attributed to other causes, for example, menorrhagia attributed to uterine fibroids, von Willebrand factor (vWF) is a large complex multimeric protein that has two major functions it allows for platelet adhesion to endothelium at sites of vascular injury, and it is the carrier protein for coagulation factor VIII. which stabilizes the molecule. vWD is a heterogenous group of disorders, but a common feature is deficiency in the amount or function of vWF. Clinical features are those of primary hemostasis as...

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