Stephen L Hilbert Frederick J Schoen and Victor J Ferrans

Pulmonary and aortic valves transplanted from one human to another (referred to as homo-grafts or allografts) have been used for valvular replacement and ventricular outflow tract reconstruction for approximately 40 years.1-5 Predominantly derived from cadaver donors, allograft valves may also be taken from hearts in which the aortic valve is explanted intact at cardiac transplantation.

The objective of this chapter is to review the morphological features, functional relationships and explant pathology findings in aortic and pulmonary allograft valves. This presentation will address heart valve anatomy and histology, biomechanics, the effects of preim-plantation processing and storage on valvular tissue components, and valve-related pathology. Preclinical and clinical studies involving porcine, ovine and human valvular tissues will be discussed.

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