Pituitary Disorders and Weight Loss Hypopituitarism

Total or partial hypopituitarism may occur in patients with pituitary adenomas, following pituitary surgery or radiation, or after head injury. Deficiency of any or all of the six major hormones (lutheinising hormone [LH], follicle stimulating hormone [FSH], thyroid, GH, thyroid stimulating hormone [TSH], ACTN, and prolactin) can occur. The most common symptom in both men and women is secondary hypogonadism, because of LH and FSH deficiencies or secondary to hyper-prolactinaemia. In children, cessation of growth and delayed puberty are common.

Among the uncommon manifestations of anterior pituitary hormone deficiency, weight loss is associated with corticotropin deficiency. In this case, the loss of weight is less severe and rapid than that in primary adrenal insufficiency. Typical symptoms and signs of hypopituitarism include malaise, loss of energy and libido, reduced muscle mass, and increased fat mass with weight gain, anorexia, postural hypotension, orthostatic dizziness, and sometimes headache [36,38].

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