[7.11 A. Chlamydial infection increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. The use of combination oral contraceptives tends to prevent all pregnancies, both ectopic and intrauterine, and is not a risk factor. A history of a tubal ligation by itself does not increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. However, if a woman has had a tubal ligation and then becomes pregnant, then there is a significant risk of tubal pregnancy. Prior ectopic pregnancy greatly increases the risk of future ectopic pregnancy.

17.2] C. Many women treated with methotrexate will have mild abdominal pain, which may be observed in the absence of severe peritoneal signs, hypotension, or overt signs of rupture.

[7.3] D. There is insufficient information in this scenario to establish viability of the pregnancy. A repeat hCG in 48 hr may be able to assess the state of the pregnancy.

[7.41 C. Surgery is indicated because this patient is hypotensive and tachy-cardic and likely has a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

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