[53.1 ] C. Sinusoidal heart rate pattern is associated with fetal anemia, which can occur due to Rh isoimmunization. Intrauterine growth restriction usually leads to polycythemia.

[53.2] B. With fifth disease, the bone marrow is affected leading to anemia.

[53.3] C. IgM and IgG serology is one method for diagnosing acute fifth disease.

[53.4] A, B, C, D, and E. Duodenal atresia (double-bubble sign) and anencephaly are associated with hydramnios due to inhibition of fetal swallowing. Fetal cardiac arrhythmias often cause fetal hydrops, including hydramnios. Gestational diabetes and isoimmunization may also lead to hydramnios. Fetal renal anomalies usually lead to oligohydramnios.

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