[57.1| C. Labor is the most common complication associated with PROM. Antibiotics should be given to prolong the pregnancy and decrease the risk of infection.

|57.2] C. Amniocentesis revealing organisms on Gram stain is diagnostic of infection.

[57.3| B. Listeria may induce chorioamnionitis without rupture of membranes; the mechanism is transplacental spread. A history of ingesting unpasteurized milk products (e.g., some varieties of goat cheese) should raise clinical suspicion of Listeria.

[57.4] C. It is fetal renal anomalies that lead to oligohydramnios, and not vice versa. Severe oligohydramnios at an early gestational age can cause pulmonary hypoplasia.

[57.4] C. When fetal lung maturity is demonstrated on vaginal amniotic fluid by the presence of PG. delivery is the best next step.

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