[30.1] C. When the hCG is below the threshold in an asymptomatic patient, the hCG level may be repeated in 48 hr to assess for viability.

[30.2] D. A plateau in hCG over 48 hr means it is a nonviable pregnancy; this finding does not identify the location of the pregnancy.

[30.3] A. A progesterone level greater than 25 ng/mL reflects a normal IUP.

[30.4] A. The best use of ultrasound for assessment of an ectopic pregnancy is to diagnose an IUP, as an IUP and coexisting ectopic pregnancy is very rare.

[30.5] D. Surgery is indicated. Although this woman has an hCG level lower than the threshold, she has an acute abdomen, most likely due to a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

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