A 66-year-old woman comes in for a routine physical examination. Her menopause occurred at age 51 years, and she currently is taking an estrogen pill along with a progestin pill each day. The past medical history is unremarkable. Her family history includes one maternal cousin with ovarian cancer. On examination, her blood pressure is 120/70, heart rate 70 bpm, and temperature 98°F. She weighs 140 lb and is 5 feet 4 inches tall. The thyroid is normal to palpation. Breast examination reveals no masses or discharge. Abdominal, cardiac, and lung evaluations are within normal limits. Pelvic examination shows a normal, multiparous cervix, a normal-sized uterus, and no adnexal masses. She had undergone mammography 3 months earlier.

^ What is your next step?

♦ What would be the most common cause of mortality for this patient?

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