Comprehension Questions

[15.1] In which of the following conditions would consumptive coagulopathy most likely be seen?

A. Placental abruption

B. Placenta previa

C. Gestational diabetes

D. Multifetal gestation

E. Gestational trophoblastic disease

[ 15.21 In which of the following conditions is ultrasound an accurate and sensitive method of diagnosis?

A. Placental abruption

B. Placenta previa

C. Both

D. Neither

[ 15.3) Which of the following is the most significant risk factor for abruptio placentae?

A. Prior cesarean delivery

B. Breech presentation

C. Trauma

D. Marijuana use

E. Placenta accreta

115.4] Which one of the following statements regarding placental abruption is most correct?

A. External bleeding is necessary to make the diagnosis.

B. The clinical presentation is fairly predictable.

C. Couvelaire uterus arises from blood seeping into the myometrium.

D. Vaginal delivery is contraindicated.

E. It is associated with chronic hypertension but not preeclampsia.

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