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|44.11 Which of the following infections is most likely to be associated with tubal disease?

A. Trichomonas vaginalis

B. Bacteroides species

C. Chlamydia trachomatis

D. Proteus species

E. Treponema pallidum

|44.2| Which of the following statements about tubal factor infertility in the United States is true?

A. Proximal disease is more common than distal disease.

B. When both proximal and distal disease are present, in vitro fertilization probably should be recommended rather than tubal reconstruction.

C. Male dysfunction usually has a better success rate of treatment rather than tubal factor.

D. Lack of dye in the tube during hysterosalpingogram fairly definitively establishes tubal blockage.

[44.3] Which of the following characteristics describes the single most important factor in pregnancy success rate after tubal reconstructive surgery?

A. Microsurgical technique

B. Use of adhesion barrier during surgery

C. Meticulous tissue handling and nonreactive suture material

D. Extent of tubal disease prior to surgery

E. Length of surgical procedure

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