Comprehension Questions

[48.1] A 15-year-old adolescent is diagnosed with gonadal dysgenesis based on delayed puberty, short stature, and elevated gonadotropin levels.

Which of the following is generally present?

A. Secondary amenorrhea

B. 69,XXY karyotype

C. Tanner stage IV breast development

D. Osteoporosis

E. Polycystic ovaries

[48.2] Delayed puberty is defined as no secondary sexual characteristics by which one of the following ages?

A. 10 years

B. 12 years

C. 14 years

D. 16 years

E. 18 years

[48.3J With gonadal dysgenesis, which of the following usually is elevated?

A. Follicle-stimulating hormone levels

B. Estrogen levels

C. Progesterone levels

D. Prolactin levels

E. Thyroxine levels

ยก48.4] A 20-year-old individual with a 46.XY karyotype is noted to be a sexually infantile phenotypic female and diagnosed as having gonadal dysgenesis. Which of the following is the most important treatment for this patient?

A. Progestin therapy to reduce osteoporosis

B. Estrogen and androgen therapy to enhance height

C. Progesterone therapy to prevent endometrial cancer

D. Gonadectomy

E. Estrogen therapy to initiate breast development

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