Comprehension Questions

111.11 Which of the following is a risk factor for shoulder dystocia?

A. Maternal gestational diabetes

B. Fetal hydrocephaly

C. Fetal prematurity

D. Precipitous (fast) labor

111.2] Which of the following maneuvers is useful when encountering shoulder dystocia?

A. Internal podalic version

B. Suprapubic pressure

C. Fundal pressure

D. Intentional fracture of the fetal humerus

E. Delivery of the anterior arm

Match the following mechanisms (A-E) to the stated maneuver (11.3-11.5):

A. Anterior rotation of the symphysis pubis

B. Decreases the fetal bony diameter from shoulder to axilla

C. Fracture of the humerus

D. Displaces the fetal shoulder axis from anteroposterior to oblique

E. Separates the maternal symphysis pubis

111.3] The clinician performs a delivery of the posterior fetal arm. 111.41 The McRoberts' maneuver is used.

[ 11.5] The nurse is instructed to apply the suprapubic pressure maneuver.

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